Our Program


Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc. is striving to become the most successful Agency assisting youth with disabilities as Students transition from high school into the workforce. Strides Horse Park T.E.M.S Inc. Provide Employment Services for Douglas County Vocational Rehabilitation Clients. Since October 2014, Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc. goal is to expose the youth with disabilities into technology-related careers.  

Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc in 2015 will provide Students/Clients served by Georgia VR & Douglas County High School CBI Program through several initiative programs believe should create a smooth transit with employability for each individual. Taking part in the Google Project at the Alice J. Minor Hawthorne Center at Jessie Davis Park computer lab year round during the weekday Monday – Friday from 8am- 1pm for Adults & during the Summer for all eligible High School Students will be a great kick off for the Transition Program. Followed by a Summer Program at Jessie Davis Park more hands on training & activities to strengthen these life skills…

Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc. First attempt in this program is to educate and assist each High School Students & Adults with Resume building, Proper Dress Attire, Submit Application, follow-ups on job submissions, networking strategies for competitive employment in becoming the chosen candidate and much more…

Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc. will link each Student/Client to every known program throughout the state of Georgia that will allow on-the- job training assistance, interim programs, and job sampling opportunities, that will assist with the succession rate of the candidates.

Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc. recognizes several opportunists here in Douglas County that offers a variety of services to increase the employable status of our program, and we are committed to our student/clients to ensure every effort in soliciting & obtaining each opportunity on his/her behalf relentlessly.

Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc will include Student support through Social Media to publicize Webinar Activities, Hosting Job fairs, Host Meeting & Greeting Events and much more…

Service Stride Horse park TEMS Inc Provide